Facing the Mirror with Pink Orchid Studio

This past November, ElleBox had a chance to be a part of a wonderful program run by Pink Orchid Studio called Facing the Mirror. Facing the Mirror is a program that helps female cancer by teaching them hands on beauty techniques to manage the appearance side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Harp and Shannon say... Continue Reading →

What’s in the box? January ElleBox

Continuing the theme of winter time coziness, in January we included air purifying beeswax candles by Noble & Co., a Vancouver company, along with a Cinammon Chai Walnut Scrub by Scrubs & Bubbles, another amazing local company. Noble & Co. is a small batch candle craftery specializing in making candles sourced from Canadian honey bees.... Continue Reading →

What’s in the box? September ElleBox

Wondering what sorts of products you can expect in your Comfort Box? Aside from the basics that we include in all boxes, from Necessities to Comfort - which are pads and / or tampons, wipes, liners, tea and chocolate - you can also expect a luxurious selection of locally made, natural self - care products.... Continue Reading →

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