Just Because Vancouver: Date & Wedding Proposal Planner

We had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies from Just Because at an event in Vancouver this summer and were enthralled with their amazing start – up. We thought we’d ask them a few questions for our audience to get a chance to learn about their unique business as well as Karen and Kimberly themselves!


Just Because Vancouver is your personal concierge in wedding proposal planning. Their names are Karen & Kimberly, and they’re the principal planners at Just Because Vancouver.

Here’s what they shared with us about their business and themselves:

We plan wicked surprise wedding proposals. Karen is the detail obsessive Nazi that loves weaving out the logistics in perfect time. Kimberly is a master at gathering and comparing information for the best value, and is in charge of keeping Karen on track by telling her to “chill out”.

What inspired you to start your business?
We used to call each others’ boyfriends and ask them what they would be doing for our birthdays; usually, the answer is, “I don’t know”. So for years, we would help the boyfriends plan events for each other. It honestly takes a lot of time and research, and that’s when we realized: there isn’t really a one-stop planning resource when it comes to important events like wedding proposals. It’s nerve wracking enough knowing there’s a ring bulging out of your pocket, it’s another thing to research, plan and execute the surprise without being suspicious.

Do you have a morning routine or ritual to get your day started?
Karen: I tell myself how awesome I am so it motivates me to keep being awesome. Haha! Just kidding. I like to read positive or motivational quotes to get myself pumped to tackle on the day.

Kim: I wake up and put on my favourite song. I sing (or try to…) while I’m getting ready. Then I eat a chocolate bar for breakfast (or two…) and then I’m ready to kill the day! It’s nice to have a partner like Karen who is so motivated. She sends mass text messages of motivational quotes for me to wake up to.

Karen and Kimberly!


What is your goal with Just Because Vancouver?
We hope to see Just Because Vancouver expanding outside of Vancouver, across Canada to worldwide. Proposal planning is still relatively new in Canada, but it’s becoming extremely popular in the States. Our goal is to bridge the expectation gap between men and women and create memories that last a lifetime. Next to a wedding, the proposal is the question everybody asks about, “How did he ask?”, we want the story to be proudly told.
Tell us about your favourite or most interesting proposal and why?
We would have to say it was our Walk Down Memory Lane Proposal. When the boyfriend asked us to include 4 years of their travelling experiences, we were like oh, yeah, easy (but really…). So we started from the beginning of their relationship, and re-created the most memorable trips they’ve taken together. We wanted to help him cut cost by building a PVC lighted archway ourselves, and to be honest, we didn’t know if it would look fabulous or collapse on them. In the end, the final set-up was absolutely stunning and we overheard a passerbyer whisper, “I want to be proposed like that.”. That’s what made it all worth it.


What would you do if you had one week to escape?
Karen: I would go to the most culture-shocking place in the world, like Anarctica or the Salt Flats in Chile and take an epic Instagram photo… Yes, I’m one of those girls #anythingforapicture

Kim: One week is definitely not enough time to escape, but I’ll take it! I would love to travel the world alone and explore different countries and learn different languages. I would also love to work with a shelter or rescue dog team.

Tried and true tips for brides – to – be? 
For any type of big event, whether it be proposals or weddings, things take time. Whenever you budget yourself for X amount of time, always give yourself contingency because things will go wrong. It’s tough coordinating with multiple vendors, and what if something went missing? But no matter what, don’t over stress or forget the reason why you’re planning the event. It’s going to be the best day of your life! And if you feel like you’re about to die, hello! That’s what we’re here for. There’s also a nifty wedding planner agenda to stay organized for brides, called Future Mrs Planner.


Website: http://www.justbecausevancouver.com
Instagram: justbecausevancouver
Facebook: Just Because Vancouver
YouTube: Just Because Vancouver
Phone: (778) 997-6291
E-mail: hello@justbecausevancouver.com

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