What’s new in period news?

tampon tax


Approximately three months after a petition was launched, the Canadian federal government has abolished that the GST and federal portion of the HST will no longer be charged on feminine hygiene products starting July 1st (Happy Canada Day, ladies!)

Canadian women spent $36,398,387 in feminine hygiene product taxes in 2014.

There have been calls to cut the tax ever since the GST was introduced more than 20 years ago, due to its’ discriminatory nature – only women have to pay it and it is a necessity – meanwhile items like cake decorations, “exotic meats” and music lessons are not taxed in Canada.

This cause has been picked up around the world, with countries like Australia also petitioning their governments to remove the tax from their menstrual products. This news really showcases what a group of determined individuals can accomplish in a short amount of time; we love it! 

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