What’s in the box? December ElleBox

The coziest of boxes for this holiday season, complete with tea, chocolate, a candle and even a heat pack. Read on for the perfect snuggly combo.



Queen B Bath & Beauty
Mint Scented Noel Bath Bomb
Visit their shop on Etsy!

Run yourself a bath and reflect on how awesome you are with this vanilla and mint scented Noel bath bomb, this holiday season. Relax, you deserve it.

Pura Vida Natural Products Vancouver
Cinnamon spice soy candle

Before you jump in the tub, why not light this cinnamon spice candle to go along with your me time.


Heat Pack by ElleBoxCo.

Developed especially for you by our team, keep warm with this all natural heat pack after your luxurious bath. Flannel and filled with rice and scented with essential oils, this pack could not be cozier. After all, ’tis the season to be warm and comfy, so we made this for you girl, a reusable heat pack to help combat those pesky cramps!

Capilano Tea
This month’s blend is Khatsalano Beach. Peppermint, calendula, blue cornflower. Designed for colour and flavour, this minty blend refreshes like an ocean breeze. Perfect for the holidays.

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