Meet Fable Naturals

We are Gwen and Chris, owners of Fable Naturals. When we first met eight years ago in a little Edmonton cafe, Chris had no idea what adventures I had planned for him. Four years ago we started our business. It has changed both our lives and our relationship in the most amazing way. We’ve built some amazing things through a lot of hard work and perseverance. It’s not all been work through, we’ve backpacked our way through Colombia and amassed a collection of four pets in our little Mount Pleasant home.

What inspired you to start your business?

When we first moved to Vancouver we found an amazing city that was so full of opportunity. We both have our issues with conventional skin care products. Chris has very sensitive skin and I just can’t handle artificial fragrances. As I started to learn more about the chemical ingredients that are used in mainstream skin care products, I decided that I could do better and Fable Naturals was born.

Do you have a morning routine or ritual to get your day started?

To be honest, neither of us are morning people. We often work late in the evenings so getting up to start the day can be a bit of a struggle. I find that giving myself an extra ten minutes to relax while I sip on a cup of coffee makes the morning feel less rushed and gives me time to appreciate some quiet contemplation before the busy day ahead.

What is your goal with Fable Naturals?

We started Fable with the idea of creating a business that is both socially conscious and profitable. We source fair trade ingredients and connect with farmers from around the world. Here in Vancouver, our studio is located in the Downtown Eastside, where we see poverty and the struggle of life on the street closer to home. Our goal as a business is to be able to work with more groups within our community and offer job training opportunities.

Tell us about the School Fund and your volunteer work overseas.

We give a portion of each product to the School Fund, a program that provides scholarships to students in developing countries. Education, especially for young girls, is the way to improve the lives of individuals and communities in poorer countries.

What would you do if you had one week to escape?

One week would take us on an adventure deep into the wilderness of BC. I grew up in a small community on Vancouver Island where getting lost in the woods and climbing over rocky beaches was a weekend staple. I would take the opportunity to unplug and enjoy some quiet time away from the stresses of running a small business.

Tell us about your favourite or most popular product and why?

Right now my daily essential is our Rosehip and Olive facial oil. It is so versatile and easy to incorporate into a daily routine. I use it as a moisturizer everyday, but it also doubles as an oil cleanser and makeup remover when I travel. Even Chris uses a couple of drops to keep his beard moisturized!

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