January 2017


The Women’s March on Washington is took place in all 7 continents around the world,  the day after Trump’s first official day as President. Men and women from across America and across the world marched to send a message to America’s... Continue Reading →

Guest Blogger: Why it’s hard to be a feminist – By Alicia Kondrat

First of all, hold on for a second before you rage read this post. I am a 26-year-old woman who believes in equal rights, pay and opportunity for women. I believe women are stronger working together than they are on... Continue Reading →

Vendor Spotlight: Green Envy Cosmetics

Who Are You? I am Marzena, the owner, founder and the crafter at Green Envy Cosmetics. A Makeup artist and skin specialist working in TV and the cosmetic industry for over a decade. I am a single mom and a... Continue Reading →

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