The Women’s March on Washington is took place in all 7 continents around the world,  the day after Trump’s first official day as President. Men and women from across America and across the world marched to send a message to America’s new government: Women’s rights are Human rights. However, this march is about so much more than an “Anti-Trump” rally. The January 21st march is to advocate for issues that have existed in our communities for years; racism, sexism, equal pay and LGTBQ to name a few.

We are standing in solidarity with our friends South of border and participating in the Women’s March, Vancouver.  We are marching for several reasons, a big one being women’s health.  There is a tremendous amount of emphasis on women’s beauty, however women’s health is an industry that is neglected, under-served and overlooked.  We have two goals: To create safe, convenient access to organic pads and tampons, and to change the way women experience their periods.

The Vancouver march brought out 15,000 men and women and the energy in the air was powerful and resilient.  We were so proud to see our community come together with such a purpose and although somethings remain uncertain, we believe the future is female.

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