Tried and true tricks for a better month


Over the years, I have found ways to cope with these problems, allowing each month to be less dreadful and more manageable:

Hot water packs: Either invest in the rubber ones which are super cheap ($10), will last you years and are extremely convenient, or simply fill a bottle with hot water and wrap a towel around. Place this over your belly and lie down until your cramps subside.

Eat PMS friendly foods: Choose a diet that will boost your estrogen levels(blueberries, tofu), levitate your mood(dark chocolate), have a high iron content(spinach, chickpeas) and stabilize blood sugar levels(soy beans, nuts).

Light workout: Trust me, I understand the feeling of not wanting to move at all, but something as simple as some light yoga will stretch out your muscles and decrease cramping. This will also release some endorphins which will make you happy!

Drink: Lots of water as this will help keep your skin glowing. It’s frustrating dealing with breakouts when you already have enough to deal with. Also, peppermint, ginger and cinnamon tea are GREAT for their soothing vibes.

Get a prescription: From your doctor/pharmacist for some medication if you really need to! I definitely take pills every now and then when I need to stay extra productive and my cramps are a little too bad. Naproxen and Ibuprofen have been the most effective for me.

I hope this has been useful! Have a wonderful cycle and remember, it will be over soon.

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