Meet Ativo Skincare

Can you tell us about yourself? My name is Tracy Castro, CEO and Creative Director of Ativo Skincare. I am an East Coast transplant that moved to the west coast 24 years ago. I am a Taurus who definitely lives up to its reputation of being strong willed and loves an intelligent conversation. I am... Continue Reading →

How to Eliminate PMS

Throughout your cycle, do you Feel bloated? Crave sugar? Crave salt? Feel fatigued? Feel anxious? Ladies, we’ve all been there. Post ovulation, we begin to feel the premenstrual symptoms. We don’t want to see anyone, we want to roll-up in a fetal position and god forbid anyone gets in our way. But what if I... Continue Reading →

Why Fertility Charting? – Kindara

Did you know that without any hormones, prescriptions, or pills and with about a minute of effort a day, you could track your period and learn about your cycles? This information can lead to a more accurate prediction of your period as well as visibility into the fertility patterns of your cycle! I know what... Continue Reading →

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