Choosing a birth control doesn’t have to be confusing

There are many different types of birth control methods and choosing the one that works best for you can be a challenging task. There are many pros and cons of birth control, so here we have outlined some of the pros and cons and misconceptions about two forms of birth control: the pill and the IUD.


  • Birth Control costs can vary depending on the type and health insurance plan, however the birth control pill typically costs between $0-50 a month.
  • An IUD can cost anywhere between $0-1,000 depending on type and insurance plan
  • An IUD may cost more up front, but may save you money in the future because of how long they last (hormonal options last between 3-6 years, and non-hormonal options last up to 12 years)
  • Positive birth control side affects can include: lighter periods and less menstrual cramps from both the birth control pill and the IUD.


  • Negative birth control side affects from the pill can include: irregular menstrual bleeding, mood changes, nausea, headaches, dizziness and breast tenderness.
  • Negative birth control side affects from an IUD can include: irregular menstrual bleeding and heavier menstrual bleeding during the first few weeks after it has been inserted
  • Not all women should use the birth control pill: women who experience migraine headaches and blood clots should not be on it.
  • Missed birth control pills can decrease the effectiveness of the pill because birth control pills work best when taken at the same time every day


  • Birth control will cause weight gain: “In 2011, researchers at the Cochran Database System Review analyzed 49 studies that compared a variety of birth control methods with placebos and found no evidence that birth control causes weight gain.” (Women’s Health)
  • Being on the pill will cause fertility problems: “The pill isn’t going to cause any problems with infertility even if you are on it for 20 years,” says Mills. After going off the pill, “your body is going to do what your body is going to do.” (Self Magazine)



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