5 Tips to Have Your Best Period Yet

“It’s already been a month?” Yep, nothing like your period to remind you how quickly time goes by. Even though the time in between periods can fly by, the time you spend having your period can feel like a never-ending quest of wondering when the pain, cravings and unnecessary emotions will end. But fear not, we have 5 tips to help you have a healthier, more pleasant period!

  1. Turn that “Ugh” into “Yay.” On average, a woman will have 500 periods in her lifetime, so instead of dreading it each month, why not make it a routine to do something nice for yourself or someone else (or both)… because your period will be a natural monthly reminder!

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  1. Use organic feminine hygiene products: You may not know this, but the FDA doesn’t require brands to disclose what’s in tampons so mainstream brands have ingredients like chlorine, bleach and pesticides. The vaginal wall is the absorbent part of your body. Use 100% organic cotton or tampon alternatives because you deserve better!


  1. Exercise: Some of are thinking, “Are you serious, the last thing I feel like doing is exercising,” – don’t worry – we aren’t saying you have to summit Mt. Everest, but light to moderate exercise can help alleviate cramps, boost your mood and alleviate stress! Thinking of driving up to the grocery store to pick up some mint chocolate chip ice cream to fulfill those cravings? Why not walk instead?

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  1. Spend some time with friends or family. It will boost your happiness! Grab a cup of herbal tea and have a conversation with those who mean the most to you. That Netflix series can wait.

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  1. Foods to eat and to avoid: Try eating more leafy greens, they are a great choice to eat during your period because they are filled with iron. Don’t forget about chocolate either, but make sure it is dark chocolate (less sugar, more antioxidants.) There are certain food stressors, irritants and stimulants that can make PMS worse. Try avoiding processed foods, foods high in sugar and high salt foods.

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