There’s Two Types of People in the World

Pads or tampons? Pads with wings or no wings? Thin pads or thick ones? With so many questions and choices for menstrual hygiene products it can be overwhelming, especially when a person gets their first period. At Ellebox we exist to simplify your period!

Pads vs. tampons has always been a long standing rivalry. Think of it like the dog vs. cat person debate, some people prefer only cats or only dogs or some like both! Likewise, some people only like using tampons, some people only like using pads, or some people like to use both. But, whatever your personal preferences are we’re here to give you the low down on pads and tampons.


  • Come in different absorbencies, and shapes and should be changed every 4-8 hours.
  • Some pads are thinner than others depending on the absorbency.
  • Some pads have wings, which is just extra material on the sides that folds over the edges of your underwear and sticks to it, to enhance leak protection.
  • Some people find that pads are not as comfortable as tampons for sporting activities, however that is a personal preference.
  • Pads should not be used for swimming.

giphy (23).gif


  • Come in different absorbencies and they can either have plastic applicators, cardboard applicators or no applicators at all.
  • They are a safe option as a feminine hygiene product, as long as they are used properly and changed every 4-8 hours to ensure that you do not experience toxic shock syndrome (TSS).
  • Tampons are suitable for swimming

giphy (26)

Whether you use pads or tampons or both, try using 100% organic menstrual hygiene. Because you may not know this but mainstream feminine hygiene brands have all sorts of nasty stuff in them, like wood pulp, chlorine, bleach, dioxin, pesticides, synthetic fibers, crude oil and rayon. And the vagina is the most absorbent part of your body. So you all deserve better!

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