There are tons of perks that make tampons one of the most popular options out there. Since they’re inserted in the vagina, it can be lot less messy than wearing a pad, especially for those of us who have heavy periods.  Tampons also make it easier to go swimming and to the beach.  Yay! For leaping into the deep-end and not worrying about it budging or staying in place!

If you haven’t used tampons before, they can seriously be so intimidating.  You might worry about lost tampons or TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).  If it’s your first time using tampons, try it out when you’re not in a rush.  When you’ve got some time at home, make yourself comfortable and google how to use tampons (I use Wiki-how for just about everything!).  There are tons of great women’s health sites and resources out there.

The important thing is to remember when to replace your tampon.  TSS is a rare but serious bacterial infection; about one out of 100,000 women are diagnosed with it. TSS is not caused by tampons, and it’s not exclusively contracted by women.

To lower your risks of TSS it’s important to practice good hygiene: wash your hands before and after insertion, try to use the lowest absorbency tampon you can, and change your tampon every 4-6 hours.  You’ll know if it’s ready to change before then if it starts leaking or comes out easily with a slight tug of the string.  If you decide to engage in intercourse on your period (remember, there is literally no rule that says you cannot have sex on your period), don’t keep your tampon inside.


Maybe you already prefer using tampons during your period.  If you’re looking into some alternatives that still let you keep them as your go-to, consider cotton tampons.  And thanks to subscription box services, tampon delivery is an actual thing now (and an amazing thing at that!)

giphy (29)

Major drugstore brands aren’t actually required to disclose ingredients that go into tampons – it’s odd to even think of tampons as having an ingredients list.  Cotton is an absorbent, reliable and natural material.  And remember, the vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of our bodies!

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