High Vibe Livin: Tips for a Blissful Moon Cycle

Hi Loves, It’s Britt + Tara here. We are the founders of High Vibe Livin, Kundalini Yogis, and best friends on a mission to help elevate consciousness. We know that time of the month (we call it our moon cycle…just sounds prettier doesn’t it?!) can be brutal for some, so we’re here to offer a few ways to stay sane and closer to blissful during menstruation. We don’t think of being on our period as a disability or issue, instead we choose the mindset of it being a time to slow down a bit, get some extra rest, let our bodies purify themselves, and get in touch with our inner world in deeper way. Here are some ways we do this.

  1. Kundalini Breathwork
  • Long Deep Breathing: filling the abdomen first, then expanding the chest, and finally lifting the upper ribs and clavicle. The exhale is the reverse: first the chest deflates, then the middle, and finally the abdomen pulls in and up, as the navel point pulls back toward the spine.
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing: Start by closing the left nostril, inhale deeply through the right nostril. At the end of the inhale, close the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. Keep switching back and forth.
  1. Meditation- PMS can cause some women to experience mood swings. If that’s the case, taking a few extra minutes a day to sit in meditation can really be helpful to get in touch with your emotions and keep your mind in a loving space.
  • Meditation: We’d recommend sitting in easy pose (sitting cross-legged) for 3-11 minutes in the morning and just focus on your breath and using the breathwork techniques mentioned prior.
  • Visualization: Imagine each of your internal organs being bathed in healing white light coming in through the crown of your head swirling throughout your body. This will help reduce physical pain.
  1. Self- Love- Did you know that ancients called menstruation “heavenly water” because it was seen as a time of healthy purification where the body rids itself of impurities, psychic toxins, and suppressed emotions?  Focusing on rest and relaxation will help you to make peace with this “heavenly” time.
  • Salt Bath: Take a warm salt bath with your favorite essential oils (clary sage oil is great for pain relief and you can also rub it on your belly if you’re cramping), dim the lights and light some candles to get in touch with your divine feminine energy.
  • Reflexology: Relax the whole body by asking your partner to rub your feet or give yourself a foot rub, hitting and the 72,000 nerve endings that come together in our feet.
  1. Nutrition- We drink this ancient recipe
  • 8oz of fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbs of chlorophyll
  • 2 tsp of Rice bran syrup
  • 2 tsp of cold pressed sesame oil or almond oil (to help with menstrual fatigue if taken in the days around your moon cycle)


Your moon cycle is the ultimate time to indulge in self love and care practices and we like to think of it as a little retreat for our mind, body, and soul. We hope this helps to make your “time of the month,” a little more high vibe!

Nothing but Love, Britt + Tara

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