A True Story, by Sophie

Let’s take a minute and reflect on some circumstances that we’ve all been in, like making a makeshift pad out of bunched up toilet paper (don’t pretend like you haven’t), asking the stranger in the stall next to you if they can lend you a tampon, or running (literally) to the store 5 minutes before closing because you forgot, again, to pick up your monthly products for your period.

giphy (45)

Here’s the thing about our time of the month: while there are moments when we there is nothing more that we want than for our period to come and sooth our fears of a tiny human growing inside of us, they also suck. For many people, there’s nothing fun about a period (except the excuse to binge eat) so we like to push it out of our minds, making pads and tampons the last things on our minds to pick up while running to the store. At the end of the last cycle, we’re just so glad that it’s over and don’t want to think about the next one, let alone buying more tampons or pads. When it gets closer to the time of the monthly gift, it’s so easy to have to have the “’I’ll get them tomorrow” mentality until it’s too late.

What if we could change the monthly gift to once a month gifts that are more than blood and cramps? Our lives are undoubtedly busy, so it makes sense that we deserve to have monthly gifts delivered to our house. You don’t have to worry about picking up products and you get boxes delivered monthly in time for your time.

giphy (46).gif

A period is more than just bleeding for a bit. Along comes cramps, cravings and being uncomfortable. So, to get through that week, it takes more than some cotton products. A monthly chocolate delivery doesn’t sound bad to me. In fact, box gifts monthly sounds delightful with chocolate, tea, and other items to make your period a bit more comfortable. By receiving gifts every month, it takes away the burden of the period and adds excitement to when the next box arrives at your doorstep.

When I arrived home today, there was a package waiting at the front door of my house. Following this discovery, “oh crap did I accidentally buy something while late night online shopping” raced through my mind. When I flipped over the package, I was delighted that I had not accidentally bought some new shoes (though I wouldn’t really mind that), but that it was my Ellebox filled will all sorts of goodies, just in time for my period (which to be honest I forgot was so close). If it wasn’t for my Ellebox, I would’ve ended up in one of those awkward situations described at the top which is the opposite of fun.


It’s so nice not having to go and buy tampons, or getting the look of confusion from the 15-year-old male cashier like he’s never heard of a period. before I love that my box is there for me every time, before my time so that I can take one less thing off my mind in my crazy life.

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