Why Organic?

While switching to organic tampons is awesome, there are no magical superpowers to be gained (sorry to disappoint). On the other hand, there are some other almost as great things that happen to the female body.

Let’s talk about the body for a second, specifically the vagina. So much time is spent making sure that it’s well taken care of on the outside; with shaving, waxing, washing and buying way too expensive fabric to cover it, it makes sense to think about what goes inside it too.

It’s common sense that it’s not safe to drink bleach, so why isn’t it common sense to put products in our bodies that also contain the same chemical? (Especially if the vagina is the most absorbent part of the body!)

giphy (56).gif

Good health is important; there is so much talk about what goes in the mouth to eat but, it’s been turned into a dirty term to talk about what goes in the vagina to stay healthy during menstruation!

With organic tampons, there is no wondering what’s included in the product (it’s organic cotton if you’re wondering). No pesticides, no bleach and most importantly no harm to the body!!

It’s a no-brainer to switch from regular tampons and pads to the organic ones.

giphy (55).gif

There are so many benefits such as peace of mind of knowing EXACTLY what’s going into the body, a lowered risk of irritation from chemicals used in regular tampons, and it’s better for the environment.

When a tampon is flushed down the toilet, so are all the other chemicals that come along with it. If the water is not treated properly those chemicals are released into the ocean, polluting the water even more! It’s not safe for humans to ingest chemicals, and neither is it for fish and the other beloved sea creatures.

Not a tampons person? Would prefer a pad? While there is less of a risk with regular pads for the beloved time of the month, by switching to organic pads, there is still a benefit to the environment. Promotion of pesticide and chemical free products takes these harmful products out of the production of the cotton. Cotton does not need pesticides to grow and it hurts the soil too, making it harder to keep happy, healthy land for future growth!

Good for you. Good for others. Good for the environment. Organic tampons are the way to go!

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