4 Relatable Period Moments

At Ellebox we’re all about breaking the taboo around periods. Did you check out our #myperiodstory campaign, where people shared their period stories on social media? Well we’re keeping up with that mission! And what better way to change the conversation around periods than by using humour?

Do you wear white on your period?

TFW you just don’t feel like wearing white… Or maybe you do! Either way, whatever you decide to wear, it’s up to you.


When you Sneeze on Your Period

TFW a tsunami flows out of you


Pads? Or Tampons? 

You’re resourceful AF. You’re that person that always has a “napkin” on hand.  And your best friends have you to thank! 



When you want to eat ALL of the chocolate


Which one do you relate to the most?

Check out more of our short clips and our full video at http://bit.ly/funnyperiodvideo

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