Caffeine and Periods: Time to Take a Coffee Break

Do you have a love/hate relationship with caffeine? We’ve all “bean” there. Sometimes you feel like you can’t live without it, other times you think it’s making you despresso. Whether you’re an Americano, latte or Turkish coffee gal, I’m sure you’ve read countless studies and information about how caffeine can affect your sleep, but have you ever wondered if too much caffeine can affect your period? Read on to learn why caffeine can cause a “latte” discomfort!

First things first. Caffeine doesn’t just exist in coffee. Caffeine can be found in tea, sodas and fruit juices. So, for all the coffee lovers out there, you can take a sigh of relief because according to Dr. Joseph Mercola, caffeinated beverages like sodas and fruit juices are more detrimental to women’s health.

Caffeine During Your Period: Is trouble brewing?

Does caffeine cause cramps during your period or does caffeine help period cramps?

giphy (1)

PMS. Those 3 letters you’ve been hearing over and over again, even since Aunt Flo paid her first visit. PMS can make you feel bloated, tired and crave certain foods. So, you may be thinking that caffeine is a great way to try and boost your energy levels during your period and battle those PMS blues.

However, consuming caffeine on your period can have a major negative effect on PMS. Caffeine is a stimulant drug that increases blood pressure and heart rate. And caffeine can make period cramps worse. How can something as comforting as a big cup of joe or tea make period cramps worse? Well caffeine “contributes to cramps because of its diuretic nature–it increases urine production and promotes dehydration. In addition, coffee contains oils that may inflame your intestines and cause cramping.”

So instead of taking that next sip of coffee during your period, try a caffeine free herbal tea instead!

Caffeine on Your Period: Frequency and Flow

Weather, stress, syncing up with your BFF – these are all things that can change and affect your period. Unfortunately, those early morning coffees or late night sodas can also affect your period frequency and flow! Read on, if you give a frappe.

Caffeine and Irregular Periods

Has your period been irregular? You may feel like caffeine has been keeping you going, but it may not be keeping your period the same. “Caffeine restricts blood vessels, reducing uterine blood flow.” So what does this mean for your monthly visitor? Caffeine can shorten your cycle, and also make it more irregular.

Kinda crazy right? Well this was proven in a study that was conducted in 1990-1991 on 403 women. This also means that caffeine doesn’t cause heavy periods, since it works in the opposite way.

How to beat PMS symptoms and feel more energized without caffeine?
  1. Sleep, sleep, sleep: Ok maybe don’t sleep all day long, but try and get more than 7 hours of sleep and you’ll start to feel like you won’t need to reach for the coffee first thing in the morning.
  2. Get your body moving: Dance, go for a walk, play some tennis. However you like to get physical activity, do it, ‘cause it can make you feel more energized. Bonus: physical activity and stretching can help alleviate period cramps.
  3. Food is fuel: Try eating healthy snacks and meals more regularly throughout the day to keep you energized.



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