Cannabis Tampons: The Period Painkiller

Move over hot water bottle or Advil, cannabis tampons are here. Well sorta. So what’s this new cannabis “tampon” trend all about? The new cannabis “tampons” are not tampons, but rather suppositories that are inserted in a similar way to tampons.

So what’s a suppository? A suppository is just another way to deliver a drug. So instead of taking it orally, it is inserted into your body. In the case of Foria Relief, it is inserted into your vaginal canal. Once inside, it melts and releases the meds. You can use the suppository and a tampon at the same time, for protection and painkilling! “Each serving contains a specially formulated blend of THC and CBD, cannabinoids which are known to relax muscles and release tension and cramping in the body.” But they cost a pretty penny, at $44 for a 4 pack. These cannabis infused “tampons” are intended to help with pain and PMS discomfort, without getting you high.

But how do they work?

“The instructions said to lie on your back with a pillow under your butt and insert the suppository as far up as you can, so the cannabinoids can do their work on the nerve endings of the uterus, cervix, and muscle tissue.” Sounds like it’s definitely a try at home type of situation. Oh, and did we mention they apparently smell very similar to cookie dough. Who would have thought?

Do they actually help with cramps?

Even though they have not been FDA approved or tested in clinical trials, people who have used them have been raving about them.

Gabrielle Korn reported, “I sat up, in wonderment. Instead of stabbing pain, I felt a weird sense tranquility, like my uterus had done some deep breathing exercises.”

Another user, Megan, said she “was able to prevent the worsening pain and cramping and piercing pains in her vaginal canal.”

And, Mish, who used them and reported it for Broadly, commented that she thought it helped relieve pain for much longer than other painkillers. “Midol will wear off after about half a work day, and during most periods I’ll pop six a day. But one Foria suppository did its job well into my evening.”

So, the results are in, looks like these little things work some magic!

Preventing Period Pains

If cannabis infused tampons aren’t your thing, here are some other period painkillers that might just do the trick for you.

  1. Fighting with food. Green leafy vegetables are high in calcium and magnesium which can help reduce cramps.
  2. Hot water bottle or heating pad. Yes, it’s an old trick but it works wonders, especially for falling asleep.
  3. Sleep. Getting enough rest can help with hormonal balances and will make you feel more energized, especially when other PMS symptoms like bloating can make you feel sluggish.



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