Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Modern Woman

Forget about the chocolate and roses, here are 5 gift ideas that will last a lot longer than a few days! Unique and modern, these gift ideas are perfect for every woman in your life!


Periods happen every month. To nearly every woman on this blue planet! And still, we find ourselves in a pinch, praying our last tampon will hold us over ‘til the morning so we don’t have to make that late night convenience store run.

That’s why Ellebox flips the script to make this whole period-having experience better – even an occasion to look forward to – for self care! Their subscription delivers a box of 100% organic cotton tampons and/or pads to your door every month.

That means no more worrying about what you’re putting in your body — unlike mainstream tampon brands, Ellebox tampons and pads are dye, scent, and chemical-free.

Plus, it comes with extra treats like chocolate, candles, and body butters — so you might actually start looking forward to your least favourite time of the month.



Glossier highlights SKIN over makeup. From their Boy Brow to Balm Dotcom, their products are made for real girls, in real life. Glossier’s so popular, it has every celebrity and Instagram shelfie touting it. Need even more inspiration? Emily Weiss’ blog “Into The Gloss” has all the latest about beauty.


Away Luggage

Looking to go on a weekend spa retreat, or road trip? Well, Away has the perfect suitcase for the modern woman. Add an extra personal touch by getting the monogrammed edition, offered on their most popular suitcase sizes. Away prides themselves on creating “thoughtful” luggage so you never have to worry about your suitcase breaking or your phone battery dying. Their suitcases are made from the best materials in the world and have built in USB chargers. So you can keep on rolling all weekend long!


Outdoor Voices Activewear

Committed to high quality activewear, Outdoor Voices strives to inspire more people to become more active! Tyler Haney, the founder of Outdoor Voices, started her company because she wanted a new approach to activity, one that is fun and lighthearted. For dog walking, running or yoga, this activewear will inspire any woman to get moving! Did we also mention that 10% of sales from their newest leggings goes to The Nature Conservancy.


Ritual Vitamins

What shows someone that you love them, more than a gift for their health? Ritual offers an essential vitamin for women. The founder, Kat, was inspired to create a multivitamin that was created with good-for-you ingredients. Ritual offers complete transparency; it’s non- GMO, vegan and gluten and allergen free. With busy schedules, sometimes it’s easy to forget to take the time for self-care and get your essential nutrients. Ritual solves that problem, by delivering vitamins right to your door.


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