Must Have Apps for Your Glow Up This Year – Health & Wellness

With technology constantly changing how we live, it’s about time they help make our periods and health better too. Keep reading for 8 apps that can transform and help improve your health!

Best Apps To Track Your Period

Flo Period Tracker: This app is the first period tracker app to use artificial intelligence to create the most accurate predictions. It features daily personalized health content, surveys, a support network with the other 12 million Flo users, analytical reports and there’s a Flo assistant who is available 24/7. *heart eyes emoji*

Clue: Clue Period and Ovulation Tracker has many different features and resources. Most importantly it tracks your cycle so you know when you can expect your period and period symptoms such as PMS. One of their most unique features is their “Clue Connect” which gives you the ability to share information about your menstrual cycle to family, friends or your partner! We love it.

Eve by Glow: This app is designed for your period and sex life. In addition to being able to track your period, it features trusted resources all about sexual health, and fun quizzes. Join the Glow community to interact with plenty more Eve app users!

Best Apps For Your Health and Self-Care

Meditation: Headspace is a top app for guided meditation and mindfulness. Don’t know anything about meditation? No problem! With headspace you can learn to meditate with help from their beginner’s course. We’ve all heard that meditation is good for you and if you’ve been procrastinating, this app is the perfect way to give it a shot. There’s a free trial and the narrator’s voice is soothing AF.

giphy (13).gif

Breast Health: It is estimated that 1 in 8 U.S women will develop breast cancer. While it’s easy to forget about, it’s so important to keep on top of your breast health! Breast Check Now features instructions on how to perform a self breast check and you can schedule reminders and analyze your risks for breast cancer. Download this one STAT! We’re spreading the word to all our Galentine’s.

Women’s Health: Maven Clinic is an online resource designed for women and their healthcare needs. You can reach a variety of healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurse practitioners, therapists and nutritionists through video appointment or private message. If you live in the US, give Maven a shot. It’s definitely a game changer and the best way to fit appointments into a busy schedule. I’ve even had one of mine in an Uber!

Mental Health: 7 Cups is an app for online therapy and free counseling. You can pick a personalized listener or online counselor that you feel comfortable talking to. It’s free, anonymous and confidential. We’re glad this exists.

Sleep: SleepBot can help you get that good night’s rest you’ve been dreaming of! You can track your sleep with the mobile app, set alarms and view and share your sleep stats. Sleeping competition, anyone?

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