Dads and Pads: A Guide to Your Daughter’s First Period

If you are a dad with a daughter, then there is no way to avoid periods. Getting her first period is a big event in your daughter’s life and is something that you won’t be able to avoid. It can be hard to think of your little girl growing up. But, yes Pops, she is!

When your daughter gets her first period, it can be hard as a father to know how to help her. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be awkward for the both of you. There are ways to prepare both yourself and your daughter for when her first period arrives. Throughout this article, we are going to provide you with some information that may help to tackle your daughter’s first period and make it easier for the both of you.

What is a Period, and How Do Dads Talk to Their Daughters About Them?

Whether you are a straight dad, co-dad, or single dad, close to 100 percent of women will get their periods, and that will probably include your daughter. As an active dad, you will more than likely be there for your daughter’s first period and many to come. But, before you can support your daughter during her first time, you should understand what a period is.

A period can occur monthly due to the uterus shedding its lining. Why is it lined? To get ready for fertilized eggs should that time arrive. When no fertilized egg arrives, the uterus needs to shed. Your daughter’s period may be regular (comes once a month on a due date) or it may be irregular (varies dates). The length of your daughter’s period will also vary. When your daughter’s first period will start is unknown, as some girls get their period as early as 8 or 9 and others as late as 17.

Side effects of your daughter’s first period and many to come may include menstrual cramps, moodiness due to her hormone levels changing, and fatigue.

So, now that you know the basics of what a period is, the next question that needs answering is how to talk to your daughter about her first period?

Amy Kaufman and her friend Laurents, had the best response regarding how you should talk to your daughter about her first period. She states:

“The same way they talk about anything else — with respect, care, and love. Our culture has an odd attitude toward menstruation; often, the mere mention of a girl’s monthly cycle stops a guy in his tracks. But honestly, that seems rather silly.” (

If you want to talk to your daughter about her first period, then it’s best to be open and supportive to the idea of periods. Don’t be afraid or awkward about ‘the talk,’ and promote period positivity.

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What Your Daughter May be Thinking

While you may not know how to talk to your daughter about her first period, she could possibly be feeling the same way. Your daughter’s first period is a big moment in her life, and it’s best for her to have all the support she can get. There may be a million thoughts running through your mind about the occasion, but here are a few things your daughter might be thinking about when it comes to her period.

How Do I Tell My Dad About My Period?

As difficult as it might be for you to have ‘the talk’ with your daughter, it can be equally as hard for her to talk to you about her period. As her dad, it’s best to reassure her at a young age that it’s okay to talk to you about anything. To make it easier for the both of you, an idea is that you could keep track of her monthly period on a calendar or diary so you are prepared to support her during that time of the month.

Does My Dad Know I Have My Period?

Your daughter might not want to talk about her period, and that’s okay. She may be wondering, however, if you know she has her period. Signs to look for are any discomfort she may be in due to menstrual cramps, fatigue, or possible mood swings. Again, keeping track is great for the both of you during her periods.

What If My Dad Sees My Period Essentials?

Pads and tampons can be a personal essential for some women when it comes to their periods. If your daughter is worried about you seeing her period essentials, then reassure her that it’s okay. Perhaps finding a location where she can leave her personal items aside for her period is something the both of you can do. Even better, offer to buy them for her when she needs them.

How to Help Your Daughter When She is on her Period

When your daughter gets her first period, it can be a little overwhelming for the both of you. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take that may help you support your daughter during her first time and thereafter.

Don’t freak out. No one is truly ready for the arrival of their period. To make their first period easier, try having ‘the talk’ around the age of nine or ten, and make sure that you keep a basket of period essentials on hand. These essentials may include pads and tampons, a hot water bottle, and even some period medication to help her get her cramps under control.

Make sure she knows she can talk to you. It may be hard for your daughter to open up to you regarding her period. It’s best to make it clear from the get-go that she can confide in you and come to you with any problems she may have regarding her periods. If you are unsure whether you will have the answers, do some research or talk to a female friend. Periods can tell a lot about a woman’s health and it’s important for your daughter to be aware of any changes in her period, and that she can tell you if she is concerned.

Don’t make it a big deal. A first period can be a big change in your daughter’s life. Whilst you may want to take her out on a date night to celebrate or shower her with goodies, it’s best not to overdo it.

Have her essentials ready. Once the first period comes, your daughter will then experience more periods thereafter. It’s important that she feels comfortable during her period, whether that means wearing pads or tampons. At Ellebox, we might be able to make things easier for you. We have ‘The Essentials Box,’ containing over 16 customizable pads and tampons that are 100% organic to help you prepare and support your daughter and her period.

You can subscribe to Ellebox for as little as $10.99 a month.

We also have the Comfort box to make her cycle one to look forward, too. And, healthier with organic personal care and hygiene products delivered monthly, with treats!

Getting a period is different for all females and it’s important, as her dad, to know how she is feeling, whether that be scared, excited, etc. Making the experience a normal one and allowing your daughter to come and talk to you freely about her periods will make the experience a lot easier for the both of you.


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