How to Handle Your Girlfriend’s Period

Every 28 days or so, your girlfriend is going to get her monthly period. All women are different when it comes to their period, and a lot of the time their partners aren’t sure how to support them.

The answer isn’t to run for the hills, and fortunately, there are ways to make that time of the month a lot easier for both you and your girlfriend. If you want to learn how to be the best boyfriend when your girlfriend is on her period then you need to focus on reducing her discomfort, and learn how to support her during her period.

Throughout the article, we are going to give you some useful information and helpful tips regarding your girlfriend’s period and how you can support her during that time of the month.

My Girlfriend is on her Period! What am I meant to do?

So, your girlfriend is on her period and you have no idea what to do? That’s okay. It’s hard to know how to comfort your girlfriend when she’s on her period. She may suffer from menstrual cramps, mood swings, hot and cold flashes, or be extremely sensitive. Some months, however, she may experience none of these. Symptoms of periods can fluctuate from month to month. It’s best to ask her what she wants from you while she’s on her period. Sometimes, the answer is to just do nothing and act normal!

Or, maybe all she wants to do is binge eat chocolate and ice-cream and watch her favorite tv show. All women are different when it comes to their periods and they deserve to let their hair down during it, or for others they don’t notice it and can run marathons or just continue life as usual!

Period cramps are the main symptom that majority of women feel when on their period, and this is usually at its worst in the first 1-3 days. So, on the days that your girlfriend is on her period, the best thing you can do is to be there for her and support her during this time.

Not sure how to do that? We’ve got some helpful tips to help you handle your girlfriend’s period and help you be there for her during that time of the month.

Things That All Guys Should Know When Their Girlfriend is on Their Period

Before we cut to the chase and give you some helpful tips, the first question you may be asking yourself is – how can you tell when your girlfriend is on her period?

Signs that your girlfriend may be on her period can include:

  • She may be feeling nauseated or experiencing headaches
  • She may be experiencing menstrual cramps (muscle contractions in the uterus)
  • May not feel like socialization or going out
  • Has trouble sleeping at night
  • She may feel fatigued and exhausted
  • Her breasts may feel tender to touch
  • Some women have food cravings
  • She may be feeling emotional due to her hormones being all over the place

These are just some of the symptoms that women can feel when they are on their period. If you aren’t sure she is on her period, talk to her and ask her when her period is due. A useful tip is to keep track of her monthly period on your calendar, so you can be prepared to help her when they are due.

Here are a few other things guys should know when their girlfriends are on their period:

No, Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Hate You When She’s on her Period

When a woman is on her period, she may experience something called Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). This is caused by the woman’s progesterone levels dropping too quickly and can result in her hormone levels changing. This may cause your girlfriend to act in ways that are unlike her normal behavior.

Does this mean that she hates you when she’s on her period? No way! During their period, a women’s hormones can fluctuate and she may become sensitive and experience mood swings. If your girlfriend happens to take it out on you, know that she doesn’t hate you, but might be experiencing PMS.

giphy (1)

How to be the Best Boyfriend Ever When She’s on Her Period

If you want to help your girlfriend while she’s on her period, then there are a number of different things you can try.

  • Prepare her favorite snacks and drinks
  • Bring her a hot water bottle as this can help relieve the pain of menstrual cramps
  • Give her a massage
  • Bring her lots of water as it’s important for your girlfriend to stay hydrated
  • Have her favorite movie or tv show ready
  • Be attentive and flexible

Tips on What to Say When Your Girlfriend is on her Period

If you are unsure how to talk to your girlfriend when she’s on her period, then there are few things to say and do. Tell her that you love her and ask her if she’d like her hot water bottle heated or if she’d like anything from the shop. The best way to communicate with your girlfriend when she is on her period is to be there for her and support her.

How to Pleasure Your Girlfriend When She’s on her Period

A lot of men are unsure whether or not they can still be sexual with their girlfriend while she is on her period. Yes, you absolutely can if that is something she wants. It has been claimed by women that orgasms can help relieve period cramps and even shorten the length of their periods.

If pleasuring your girlfriend is something you’re interested in doing while she is on her period, then you could have sex in the shower, give her massages, or even just cuddle her.

The Best Things to Get Your Girlfriend When She is on Her Period

One of the best times to buy your girlfriend a gift is when she is on her period. So, what should you get her? Gifts that you could get your girlfriend when she is on her period are: her favorite snack, chocolates, flowers, tv series box set or some movies.

Here at Ellebox, we have period care packages that are perfect if you are looking for all the organic essentials and goodies to help your girlfriend during her period. Delivered to your doorstep each month, you’ll never miss a period!

You can subscribe to Ellebox for as little as $10.99 a month.



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