Catch Flights Not Feelings

Dollar Flight Club is an email subscription service that helps hundreds of thousands of people save an outrageous amount of money on airfare. Subscribers save over $500 USD per international ticket on average. Here’s a couple of recent roundtrip flights you missed out on!

– Auckland, New Zealand from $289
– Bangkok, Thailand from $265
– Bora Bora, Tahiti from $425

Their goal is to help you travel more and spend less. Learn more here!

1. Pack what you need (and extra)

Not all countries have the same brands we’re used to in North America and in many countries pads are hard enough to come by, let alone tampons! Calculate how many periods you’ll be on road for and how many products you usually go through and then pack some extra.

2. Consider investing in period underwear.

Period underwear might not be absorbent enough for your heavy days, but it’s a life saver when it comes to catching leaks if you think you might be far away from a bathroom.

3. Keep small bags on hand for disposal

Disposal bins in the bathrooms are totally the norm in North America, but in many developing countries, it’s not the case. Keep small bags on hand to put your used supplies so you can dispose of them at a later time.

4. Track your cycle

Even if you don’t track your cycle on the regular, I 100% think that you should before a trip. If you have a vacation pre-planned in the future, start tracking several months prior. This way, you can plan activities, like swimming with sharks, according to your cycle

5. Pack a secret weapon.

Pack your secret weapon to help out on days your cramps are just too much to bare. Pain relieving essential oils are amazing because they’re small, can be applied throughout the day, travel friendly and they work! You have some serious vacationing to do on vacation, and cramps shouldn’t get in the way.

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