5 Tips to Have Your Best Period Yet

“It’s already been a month?” Yep, nothing like your period to remind you how quickly time goes by. Even though the time in between periods can fly by, the time you spend having your period can feel like a never-ending quest of wondering when the pain, cravings and unnecessary emotions will end. But fear not,... Continue Reading →

It’s not you, it’s me.

So, you’ve decided that you want to ditch all types of hormonal birth control. How will your body react? A relationship with hormonal birth control can last a long time, even outlasting a relationship (or two). A hormonal IUD can last up to 6 years, and some women are continuously on the pill for many... Continue Reading →

50 Shades of Blood

Period blood, not exactly an ideal conversation to bring up at the dinner table, am I right? But it is such an important topic to talk about because our blood can give us health insights if we just pay a little more attention. Blood makes me super squeamish (who's with me), so I don't want... Continue Reading →

Periods and Panties Don’t Need to Be Enemies

Meet PantyDrop founder - Julie. Julie, do you mind telling us a little about yourself? My background isn’t what you might expect for the founder of a women’s underwear company! I studied mechanical engineering in college, and then worked in enterprise software for a while. Panty Drop is my first time working in the apparel... Continue Reading →

Everything you wanted to know about Plan B

  The world of birth control can be a confusing place especially when you find yourself in an emergency situation where a pregnancy could be the outcome. The Plan B pill is an emergency contraceptive readily available at most pharmacies, but just like any other medication it is important to be fully informed about how... Continue Reading →

Your discharge is unique (just like you)

Vaginal discharge is one of the most common symptoms of a healthy vagina and almost every girl/woman/lady will experience discharge at some point. But it’s also one of the tabooest subjects, ever (but why). How often does vaginal discharge come up in conversation with you and your friends? Probably never. Well we’re here to let you know... Continue Reading →

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