Menstrual Hygiene Day

Did you know there is an entire day devoted to bringing awareness to menstrual hygiene? Sunday, May 28th is the 4th annual Menstrual Hygiene Day. WASH United is the organization that initiates Menstrual Hygiene Day and provides various resources to the public and organizes the alliance. It is a global platform that aims to spread... Continue Reading →

What is PMS?

PMS. Those famous three letters we hear so often. PMS is often spoken with references to chocolate cravings, the feeling of unwanted crying and the feeling of sharp stabs in the stomach. Most women, especially because of PMS, dread that time of month. PMS (premenstrual syndrome) occurs during a woman’s period. PMS or period symptoms... Continue Reading →

Paid Period Leave… Yes Please!

Do you suffer from dysmenorrhea, more commonly known as painful periods and menstrual cramps, with pain occurring in the pelvis or lower abdomen? Do your painful periods restrict your ability to productively work? If you have just answered yes to those questions, you may just want to pack your bags and say “Ciao” to Italy.... Continue Reading →

How much blood is too much?

Ever wondered the amount of normal menstrual blood loss a woman will experience during her period? I am sure every woman at some point in her life has wondered how much blood she actually loses during her menstrual period and if it is too much blood loss. Those pad commercials with the blue liquid aren’t... Continue Reading →

Meet Ativo Skincare

Can you tell us about yourself? My name is Tracy Castro, CEO and Creative Director of Ativo Skincare. I am an East Coast transplant that moved to the west coast 24 years ago. I am a Taurus who definitely lives up to its reputation of being strong willed and loves an intelligent conversation. I am... Continue Reading →

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