What’s in the box? November ElleBox

November's comfort box products were delivered as usual along with pads, tampons, tea and chocolate! Read about the wonderful vendors we spotlighted in November, below. NEU Skin Botanicals Body Butter Don't coat yourself in the dangerous chemicals used in... Continue Reading →

What’s in the box? October ElleBox

In addition to the products we always include - the essentials plus tea and chocolate - take a look at some of the great comfort items in the October ElleBox.   PLENTY + SPARE Activated Charcoal Soap Bar All... Continue Reading →

What’s in the box? September ElleBox

Wondering what sorts of products you can expect in your Comfort Box? Aside from the basics that we include in all boxes, from Necessities to Comfort - which are pads and / or tampons, wipes, liners, tea and chocolate -... Continue Reading →

ElleBoxCo Launch Party Hosted by The Capilano Teahouse

ElleBox officially launched January 2016 and we had a wonderful party at the The Capilano Teahouse with our friends, partners, local vendors and more. We felt so honoured and grateful to have everyone be there with us on such a... Continue Reading →

Local Vendors we Love: Studio Aroma

Studio Aroma is a Vancouver based company created by certified aromatherapist Jennifer Chow.  She makes the products, provides aromatherapy consultations and aromatic energy healing. We've been using her products for a few weeks now and absolutely love them. Especially the coffee... Continue Reading →

Just Because Vancouver: Date & Wedding Proposal Planner

We had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies from Just Because at an event in Vancouver this summer and were enthralled with their amazing start - up. We thought we'd ask them a few questions for our audience to... Continue Reading →

The Inconceivable Ways Women Deal with their Periods Worldwide

A few weeks ago @ESGoldberg the Editor of the Huffington Post Impact, wrote an informative piece on 9, "unfair ways women have to deal with their periods worldwide -- and what's being done about it". Sometimes it is easy to forget about the bigger... Continue Reading →

Making that time of the month a little easier!

  Here are some tried and true tips that will help reduce your period cramps! 1.       Increase blood flow by laying with your knees above your heart or resting a hot water bottle on your stomach/pelvic area. This can also reduce... Continue Reading →

What’s new in period news?

  Approximately three months after a petition was launched, the Canadian federal government has abolished that the GST and federal portion of the HST will no longer be charged on feminine hygiene products starting July 1st (Happy Canada Day, ladies!)... Continue Reading →

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