Does Anybody have Tide-To-Go?

It’s summer time and you’ve finally bought those white shorts that you have been eyeing down for weeks. You slip them on and head out the door, knowing you look fabulous in them. The day is going great until oh sh*t code red has just happened (literally). You see a period blood stain on your... Continue Reading →

Getting to know your hormones

Hormones impact almost everything we do, because they impact our mood, energy, libido, and sleep.  Getting familiar with signs of hormonal changes or signs of hormonal imbalance is an important part of being in touch with your body – hormones don’t only affect us during our periods. An entire menstrual cycle lasts roughly 4 weeks. ... Continue Reading →

Why Making Friends Online Is Totally Normal

Before the internet, a girl from Indiana couldn’t fathom making friends with someone from California. Or Australia. Or even someone in her own city, without leaving the comfort of her home. My goodness, how things have changed. Over the last decade, we have witnessed technology evolve right before our eyes – it’s bringing us together,... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Have Your Best Period Yet

“It’s already been a month?” Yep, nothing like your period to remind you how quickly time goes by. Even though the time in between periods can fly by, the time you spend having your period can feel like a never-ending quest of wondering when the pain, cravings and unnecessary emotions will end. But fear not,... Continue Reading →

It’s not you, it’s me.

So, you’ve decided that you want to ditch all types of hormonal birth control. How will your body react? A relationship with hormonal birth control can last a long time, even outlasting a relationship (or two). A hormonal IUD can last up to 6 years, and some women are continuously on the pill for many... Continue Reading →

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