7 Ways to Stay Ahead of UTIs

Sometimes UTIs are out of your hands, but there are many factors that are in your control. Uqora’s CEO and co-founder Jenna Ryan explains how their pink lemonade with a purpose gives you the defense against UTIs, plus the daily habits that minimize your risk. In 2014, I had 8 UTIs. I’ve always been susceptible... Continue Reading →

Dude. Where’s my period?

We have all had that creeping feeling; when Aunt Flo was supposed to pay you a timely visit but conveniently is a no-show. Now before you start jumping to conclusions, it’s important to consider there are a number of things that can lead to a missed or extremely late period “Most women who haven’t reached... Continue Reading →

Period Brain Myth- Busted!

Periods, yes they may make you feel moody and eagerly wanting to eat every piece of chocolate in sight. But no, there is no such thing as “period brain”. A recent study that was published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience debunks the period brain myth. Yes, some people actually thought that menstruating... Continue Reading →


There are tons of perks that make tampons one of the most popular options out there. Since they’re inserted in the vagina, it can be lot less messy than wearing a pad, especially for those of us who have heavy periods.  Tampons also make it easier to go swimming and to the beach.  Yay! For... Continue Reading →

Your Best Breast Health

Boobs, breasts, the twins, whatever you like to call them just make sure to take care of them! (FYI there is more than 100 nicknames for breasts.) Breast health is so important and it is not something that only affects women in the later stages of life. So, be BFFs with your boobs. “You cannot... Continue Reading →

There’s Two Types of People in the World

Pads or tampons? Pads with wings or no wings? Thin pads or thick ones? With so many questions and choices for menstrual hygiene products it can be overwhelming, especially when a person gets their first period. At Ellebox we exist to simplify your period! Pads vs. tampons has always been a long standing rivalry. Think... Continue Reading →

Does Anybody have Tide-To-Go?

It’s summer time and you’ve finally bought those white shorts that you have been eyeing down for weeks. You slip them on and head out the door, knowing you look fabulous in them. The day is going great until oh sh*t code red has just happened (literally). You see a period blood stain on your... Continue Reading →

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