Everything You Need to Know About Yoni Eggs

Have you ever thought about exercising your vagina? The vagina is an incredible muscle that is strong and deserves to be nurtured and well looked after. If you’re interested in strengthening your vagina and want to learn how, then we’ve found something you might just get excited about. Drum roll. Introducing the yoni egg, the... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Galentine’s Day 2018

Galentine’s Day.. do you mean Valentine’s Day? Oh no, we mean Galentine’s Day because it’s the best day of the year! “Galentine’s Day” was created by the one and only Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. If you haven’t watched Parks and Rec yet, then go watch it on Netflix or Hulu. It’s seriously amazing.... Continue Reading →

Menstrual Hygiene Drive

On January 10th we hosted a menstrual hygiene drive in collaboration with Mine & Yours in downtown Vancouver. Menstrual hygiene products are some of the least donated products, and are often forgotten about. For women living on the poverty line or near it, food and other basic needs are often prioritized over menstrual hygiene products.... Continue Reading →

Cannabis Tampons: The Period Painkiller

Move over hot water bottle or Advil, cannabis tampons are here. Well sorta. So what’s this new cannabis “tampon” trend all about? The new cannabis “tampons” are not tampons, but rather suppositories that are inserted in a similar way to tampons. So what’s a suppository? A suppository is just another way to deliver a drug.... Continue Reading →

Caffeine and Periods: Time to Take a Coffee Break

Do you have a love/hate relationship with caffeine? We’ve all “bean” there. Sometimes you feel like you can’t live without it, other times you think it’s making you despresso. Whether you’re an Americano, latte or Turkish coffee gal, I’m sure you’ve read countless studies and information about how caffeine can affect your sleep, but have... Continue Reading →

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