4 Relatable Period Moments

At Ellebox we’re all about breaking the taboo around periods. Did you check out our #myperiodstory campaign, where people shared their period stories on social media? Well we’re keeping up with that mission! And what better way to change the conversation around periods than by using humour? Do you wear white on your period? TFW... Continue Reading →

Who is STEMily K?

Emily a.k.a STEMily K is an innovating young woman who is making STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) more accessible for girls. What is her advice for girls and women who want to enter STEM? “I would say to expose yourself to as much about STEM as possible so that you can develop the skills... Continue Reading →

Q & A with Jeanne Grey

Brand ambassador, stylist, creative director, marketing coordinator and visual merchandiser; Jeanne Grey does it all. Jeanne Grey is highly regarded in the world of fashion, digital and social media as she collaborates with brands as a stylist, model, brand ambassador and product influencer. She is well known to break the rules of fashion, blurring out... Continue Reading →

A Q&A With Michelle Carter

3 Time Olympian, “All Diva” and Founder of You Throw Girl Sports Confidence Camp Michelle Carter is an American shot putter who began her throwing career in 1997 while in middle high school. She is a three-time Olympian and has excelled at the national and international level for 20+ years. Michelle won gold at the... Continue Reading →

Why Organic?

While switching to organic tampons is awesome, there are no magical superpowers to be gained (sorry to disappoint). On the other hand, there are some other almost as great things that happen to the female body. Let’s talk about the body for a second, specifically the vagina. So much time is spent making sure that... Continue Reading →

Discharge 101

The average period is usually roughly four to seven days – but what about the rest of our full menstruation cycle?  While periods face a lot of stigma, regular vaginal discharge is often an uncomfortable topic too.  This awkwardness impacts people more than we realize – subconsciously, we may associate discharge and normal odours with... Continue Reading →

A Hysterical Stereotype  

When it comes to us women in the workplace, I think we can all agree we still have a long way to go in terms of equality.  Although we’ve made amazing strides over the decades, by more and more women going into previously male-dominated fields, and with creating laws and more awareness concerning sexual harassment,... Continue Reading →

A True Story, by Sophie

Let’s take a minute and reflect on some circumstances that we’ve all been in, like making a makeshift pad out of bunched up toilet paper (don’t pretend like you haven’t), asking the stranger in the stall next to you if they can lend you a tampon, or running (literally) to the store 5 minutes before... Continue Reading →

Why IUDs?

Still trying to find a birth control method that works for you?  Birth control isn’t one-size-fits-all – if you’ve had your share of trial and error and haven’t tried IUDs before, you may want to read further.  Maybe you’ve tried birth control pills and they haven’t worked well for you for any number of reasons,... Continue Reading →

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